Bunkspeed Launches All New 2012 Product Line

With the recent introduction of Bunkspeed PRO™ 2012, we have combined the best of our previous Bunkspeed SHOT PRO™ and Bunkspeed MOVE PRO™ into a single integrated system featuring the NVIDIA® iray® 2 raytrace engine, a full keyframe animation system, and cloud based asset library, simplifying the 3D rendering and animation process, and shattering the barrier to create “Hollywood” quality content along with many new features and enhancements:

  • Up to 2x Performance increase – Lots of performance enhancements.  Iray 2 is faster, we’ve tuned the interface to be more snappy.
  • Integrated raster and raytracing using iray 2 – Just as we were first to release SHOT in 2011 with Nvidia iray V1, we are the first to release our 2012 products featuring iray V2. V2 has many cool new features under the hood that will be exposed in upcoming releases. But for now, we get better performance, and of course more stability.
  • Multiple Render Passes with Check Box Selection – Available in PRO, the render passes options give you seven images rendered for use in Photoshop to enhance or mask an image. Passes are very useful and can easily justify the upgrade to PRO.
  • Color picker and favorite colors panel – This is a really cool tool that allows you to color pick from both inside AND outstide the application. You can pick a color off any web page or your desktop and have it show up dynamically in your ray traced image.
  • More animation capability added to MOVE and PRO – Pretty much anything can be animated in MOVE and PRO now. Lights, cameras, materials, parts, models, camera properties like depth of field. Very sophisticated animation can be made with relative ease.
  • Traditional spot, point and directional lights – All these can be animated in MOVE and PRO too.
  • Import .FBX animations – We’ve enhanced our .FBX importer to include animation (excluding bones), further enhancing our connection to Autodesk products.
  • “Digital Sticker” decal system – Finally the innovative decal system from our previous “Hyper” versions is available in all of our 2012 products. Easy to use you can place multiple “stickers” on a model and you can make it go on one surface, or over multiple surfaces, or you can even “detach” it from the surface to move it freely.
  • New blending mode switches automatically between full interactivity and final raytrace results. – Now you can work in “blend” mode which keeps the resource intensive ray tracing off while you work and move around, then when you stop the camera, ray tracing “fades” on to give you the final image. This is a great mode for those people working without the new Nvidia Fermi based graphics cards or in CPU mode.
  • Innovative animation ribbon giving 3D feedback to animation paths – The animation ribbon uses a color metaphor for speed.  Green fast, red slow etc, to show visually exactly what is happening in your animation and what the transitions are between key frames. This innovative tool really helps the beginner animator understand exactly what is happening in the scene.
  • Automatic .mp4 (MPEG-4), .flv (Flash Video), or .mkv (Matroska) Movie encoding – Available in MOVE and PRO. Just tick the rendering option box to compile your frames into a viewable movie. Of course you have the option to keep individual frames or just the movie or both. We have even included the professional level compression of Matroska .mkv
  • Configurations – Another PRO feature that works in much the same way as layers in Photosh0p that you can turn hide and show. You can copy and paste between configurations and even have different models within different configurations.  Configuration allow designers to have multiple complete scenes set up and scroll through them with a click and even “render all configurations”. This is a fantastic and very useful new feature.  Request a license of PRO to try these features out.
  • Cloud connected library and rendering capabilities – We’ve connected all of our products to the cloud to for a couple of reasons:  We’ve reduced the size of the trial download to less than 100 MB and now that we’re net connected, we are regularly adding new content that can be download directly into your scene.  Right now there is a 3D model of a ’69 Camaro that you can download for free. Cloud connection is the start of a direction for Bunkspeed so stay tuned!
  • New import options such as ACIS and SAT – We’re always enhancing our import pipeline to allow you to connect to more data formats.
  • Revamped split tool. – After importing a model, you can extract a piece out of the mesh with some built in intelligence.  You select an area you want to extract then “grow” the selection until the desired part is highlighted, then “extract” that piece to a new part in the parts tree.
  • Interface Layout Enhancements – Interface arrangement is now saved when you close any of our products. Also, you can now widen up the right hand window to show all your materials, hdrs, cameras etc into a vertical column with the properties to the right of that column. This is a very fast and easy way to access your assets.  A great improvement to workflow.
  • SHOT 2012 starts at $495
  • MOVE 2012 starts at $995
  • PRO Suite 2012 starts at $3,495 (Includes all the functionality of SHOT and MOVE plus many more professional level features)  
  • All available now.  Download trials from the Bunkspeed home page www.bunkspeed.com
Contact sales@bunkspeed.com for more information and upgrade pricing.