Rendering on Someone Else’s Server Farms

Just a few corridors away from the main stage at SolidWorks World this year, Bunkspeed, which develops and markets the rendering software SHOT, got ready to showcase its new offering called Bunkspeed Cloud. Available from within SHOT Pro, the feature lets you upload your 3D scene into a remote server, the proverbial cloud.

“Now, anybody can view it from anywhere, as long as they have an Internet connection and the password,” wrote Leon Carpenter, Bunkspeed Ambassador (yes, that’s his title), at “This would allow for remote management reviews or allow sales teams to show products live and interactive on their iPads. I can even imagine that someday, soon, all 3D content on the web will be live and interactive.”

Bunkspeed Cloud runs in an NVIDIA GPU-powered cloud environment, sitting on mental images’ RealityServer platform. Because the lion’s share of computing takes place on a remote server, users accessing and interacting with the web-published 3D scene do not need to be on a powerful machine.

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