New UI Layout Capability in 2012.1 Enhances 3D Rendering Workflow

As part of our continual push for process improvement and enhancement, we have added some new UI layout capability that can dramatically improve workflow when using our new 2012 software.

From the introduction of our new generation software last year, the UI has been designed to be flexible, now it’s even more customizable.  Custom layouts that are remembered the next time you open the software are easily set up, potentially transforming the way you work and enabling you to find the right balance of usability.

In our 2011 version, the width of the vertical working panel would not be saved.  You could adjust it, but next time you opened it to start work, the panel reverted back.

Now those adjustments are saved.  By widening up the right hand panel, the working asset library is now in a vertical column next to the properties panel.  This makes it very easy to access your assets as you change modes from material to environment, to camera etc.

Standard UI Panel width

By selecting the right hand column margin, you can drag the width so that you can get two columns of materials vertically next to the properties panel.

Material Palette resized for vertical column of materials

The “state” of this panel is saved and now all your tabs will have a vertical column.

In the environments tab it is especially nice to have the vertical column as you can see HDR’s, backplates and lights in the scene all at once with an image representation of each.

Environment panel also displays a nice scene brower as a vertical column

Having this wide tools and assets column is also very useful when you open your library or accessing the cloud for Bunkspeed assets.  You can see many more materials or HDR’s all at once.

environment selection panel

Environment library now shows many choices for HDR lighting

Another way to use Bunkspeed SHOT, MOVE and PRO is to use it with the panel torn off. By clicking in the tab area, you can just “tear” off the panel by holding down the left mouse button and dragging.  This new panel layout will also be remembered when you close and reopen.  Including all the menus into a single window is the way our previous products HyperMove and HyperDrive worked but not HyperShot.  HyperShot users can have their menu layout just as before.   The space bar toggles the menu on and off just like HyperShot used to work.

Panel torn off into separate HyperShot like UI Layout

If you liked the way HyperShot worked, you can tear off your panel

If you are left handed and want the panel on the left, you can drag it off and re-dock it on the left too.  We are always looking for small enhancements that will improve workflow and usability so send your suggestions to  Bunkspeed SHOT and MOVE 2012.1 are available for download and free trial at or if you’d like to request a trial of Bunkspeed PRO you can request that here:

Credits:  Model – Radial Engine by Mitrofan Dragos Vasile available for free download from here: