Assemble Your GPUs for GTC 2015!

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We’re plain ol’ suckers for buzz-words that mean pretty things, such as: global illumination, Visual Computing Appliance and real-time ray tracing, to name a few. And every year, NVIDIA throws the gigantic tech-splosion known as the GPU Technology Conference, which thrills us with gadgets and wizardry that causes our brains to do a strange little happy dance. GTC 2015 took over the San Jose McEnery Convention Center from March 16 – 20, and we want to (over)share with you a lil’.

Here’s what we did: THE STORY

In brief, we are part of the Dassault Systèmes family, which means that together, we tell a complete 3D story from start to finish. Our family (in a friendly, non-Sopranos sort of way) provides software and services that bring products and designs to life, guiding individuals, businesses and brands through the design, engineering and marketing phases of development.

This is the essence of the story we told at GTC. 3D is what’s revolutionizing the design and marketing industry, and we enjoy sharing in that movement with all of you. We partnered with our good friends at CATIA and assembled a team (let’s call them “trade show artists” and hope they don’t rebel, or start wearing hemp) to show the GPU lovin’ free world how fluid and downright productive the journey from initial concept, all the way through marketing, can be.


Here’s how it worked: THE (non-emotional) BREAKDOWN

The good people at CATIA showed why their software is a leader in the design and engineering fields across industries ranging from Aerospace & Defense, Transportation & Mobility and Consumer Goods & Retail. In English, this means they demoed a rad plane, car and camera model in their design-centric software. Learn more about CATIA here.


CATIA in action.

And after the initial design and engineering phases of a project are completed, how does the 3D story continue? Let’s dig a little deeper.

In the very same booth as our CATIA comrades, we showcased a fully interactive demo that displayed a gorgeous personal jet configurator, which allowed users to interact with it via an enormous touch screen monitor. Models created in CATIA, and many other 3D software brands, can be imported into our software and given a photorealistic spit shine and placed into highly customizeable configurators, bringing products to life in a way that is only possible in 3D.

As interaction with the jet demo began, users were given the option to tailor the interior and exterior of the great flying machine to their liking. Nearly every surface, from end-to-end, of the plane can be customized with various paint colors, trim levels and fabric. This kind of configurator experience is often applied to products ranging from rip-roarin’ sports cars to luxury handbags or comfy running shoes. Our passion, with each experience, is to personalize it according to our client’s brand, enabling them to share a compelling, fun and interactive marketing message with their customers.


The personal jet configurator…also in action.

Next, we reached deep into our iPads, and hand-cranked the engine in our McLaren P1 and 650s Augmented Reality Experiences. Conference attendees were given an interactive excursion that showed how consumers, designers and Marketing Professionals can configure and present their products in exciting and truly personal ways.

The McLaren P1 is a free download in the App Store and Google Play.The 650s is also a free app, and can be downloaded here: App Store & Google Play.


This McLaren app IS action.

After we gave an enthusiastic rendition of what is possible by incorporating 3D in the design, engineering and marketing workflow, we ventured over to NVIDIA’s Special Event on Thursday night, and, well, we danced. We possibly grooved. Some more than others. Some more embarrassingly than others. Some in ways that cannot be explained to others. It’s OK, though. We can still generally look each other in the eye at the office. And that reminds us…

We have 3D Visualization worlds to explore, and we want to hear about yours!

Give us a shout via the social media links below, and share your journey to Photorealistic Perfection with us!

We are all travelers on the same road, and we can’t wait for what’s next.


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