Oct and Nov 2014 Events – Can’t Get Enough

Oct Event Blog ImageDear BUNKSPEEDers,

This isn’t just any old Monday. This is the last Monday of Sept 2014, and it’s the last time the world will get a chance to catch its breath before the BUNKSPEED event machine kicks into high gear!

Let’s dive right in:

Oct 21 (TUESDAY): Cars of Character at Warner Brothers Studios. 3DEXCITE and BUNKSPEED are acting as Presenting Sponsor for AutoDesignO’s “Cars of Character” event. To give a bit of history, AutoDesignO (http://autodesigno.com/) puts on Automotive-focused Design Panel Forms for the Motor Press Guild (the largest automotive media association in North America – http://www.motorpressguild.org/about). These events have been previously held at the Petersen Automotive Museum (http://www.petersen.org/), over the last few years, but this year, they’re doing things a little differently. They’re upping the stakes by not only having this year’s Design Panel at Warner Brothers, but also by hosting some of the hottest automotive designers walking the face of this green (and blue-ish) earth: Chris Chapman, Chief Designer of Hyundai’s Design Center in Irvine, Frank Saucedo, Director of Advanced Design at GM Design, and Derek Jenkins, Director of Design at Mazda, North America.

3DEXCITE and BUNKSPEED will be hosting the event, giving media attendees an indepth look at how our products and services benefit the automotive industry’s engineering, design and marketing efforts. We’ll share pics, impressions and tall tales from the event here and on social media (Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1oyTzOL). Keep your eyes peeled, friends! But seriously. Take a nap if you need to. We don’t want a bunch of you catching narcolepsy at inconvenient times (narcolepsy is contagious, right?).

Oct 26 (SUNDAY): 3DEXCITE and BUNKSPEED invade Art Center’s campus in Pasadena for Car Classic 2014 (http://www2.artcenter.edu/carclassic/)! The likes of Daniel Simon (http://danielsimon.com/) and Syd Mead (http://www.sydmead.com/v/12/) will be speaking on a panel entitled “Street to Screen”, which dissects, in a likable way, the ongoing love affair between film and car culture.

3DEXCITE and BUNKSPEED are sponsoring this event, and will be giving cutting-edge demos of our Automotive and Lifestyle software solutions and services. We’ll be packing realtime demos aplenty, folks! If you will be in the Pasadena, CA area on the 26th, come see how your products (cars or otherwise) could be displayed in a virtual showroom via Augmented Reality (AR), or how our crash simulation co-production with Honda (entitled REAL IMPACT – http://lat.ms/1BxdOBS) can lead to safer and more refined cars.

Check us OUT so we can check you IN to our bright and sunny world of 3D Visualization!

Nov 5 (WEDNESDAY): BUNKSPEED presents a Car Design News webinar, hosted alongside heavyweights within NVIDIA and Daniel Simon himself! We will be presenting the Holy Grail of Rendering: the NVIDIA Visual Computing Appliance (VCA) + BUNKSPEED. We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves, so be sure to stay tuned to our social media – Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1oyTzOL, Twitter: http://bit.ly/1stdnr5 and blog http://bit.ly/1zOmsx2 – for more!

Until next time – stay well-dressed and saavy.