32 Megapixel Display on Single Machine

Not long ago, it took days and multiple machines networked together to be able to output a 32 megapixel image to the screen. Now with a single machine from Exxact Computer, with 4 Nvidia Quadro cards, you can plug a 1920×1080 display to each output and literally within minutes be displaying a 32 megapixel image all at once. It is something to behold. Here’s an example of just that at the Exxact Computer booth at the Nvidia GTC conference showing an image rendered at 8K x 4K in Bunkspeed by Brian Hillner for Kia’s CrossGT concept car. No compression, no loss of quality. Each of these displays could just as easily been projectors.

There’s lots of buzz about 4K video right now. 4K projectors, 4K displays etc. Here’s an example:


8K is 4 times the pixel density of 4K and 16 times HD. Now we just need something that can actually play 8K video!