What’s with all these automotive teasers?

Recently there seems to be an abundance of “teaser” videos released by the automotive companies to raise awareness and build anticipation in the media. Teasers have been used for years for movies, television shows and for video games. As computer generated imagery and  animation in the automotive world becomes mainstream, more and more uses of pre-release CAD data is being used for content to publish in the social media and the web.  It’s impossible to tell what’s real and what’s computer generated these days and it’s evidence is shown in some of these examples.  We have driving in the desert teasers, dark teasers, unveiling teasers, interview teasers and even video game teasers. It definitely looks like this trend will continue to grow.








  • mori

    like to know if the 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Teaser was full CG ? any wireframe to show ?
    thanks and regards !

    • Philip

      From a close look at the Hyundai video, it looks like it was all shot with a camera not cg. This blog was to highlight the trend in more and more teasers. Some are CG some aren’t.