Global Visualization Excitement @ 3DEXCITE Live! in Munich

3dexcite Live 6


The heart of all our deepest visualization dreams is to empower you with the software and services that you need to do your best work. It’s this passion that we pursue, and we could not be happier to see it displayed in its full glory by our 3DEXCITE colleagues in Munich, Germany, during last week’s 3DEXCITE Live!

Let’s rewind and catch you up a bit (we promise not to Tarantino-it up with hip and stylized chronological distortions).

3DEXCITE Live! took place in wundershön (meaning beautiful in German) Munich, Germany from May 21 – 22. 3DEXCITE leveraged all of its visualization prowess to show the world that we mean serious, photoreal business. What exactly was shown? Let’s dive right in with a few short videos that briefly highlight the 2 days:

Day 1 @ 3DEXCITE Live! | Day 2 @ 3DEXCITE Live!

And now for a little more in-depth analysis of the goings on and general schenanigans:

3dexcite Live 8
No Visualization gathering is complete without a little 3DEXCITE BUNKSPEED ZOOM to spice up the 3D affairs! This year’s 3DEXCITE Live! built on the momentum that we have been generating at events like SOLIDWORKS World and GTC, as we continue to up our game to bring you the best fast, easy, fun rendering solutions. In the image above, we are showcasing the Live Update feature that allows models to be tweaked and altered in SOLIDWORKS, and correspondingly updated in BUNKSPEED at the click of a button.

3dexcite Live 4

Speaker Sessions
With speakers from brands such as: Jaguar Land Rover, Nissan, ECCO, Toyota Motor Europe, Honda and Mooney International all touting the time, cost and process improvements that are possible with a 3D Visualization workflow, the guests of 3DEXCITE Live! were treated to a master-class in the the revolution that is taking place at all levels within many top brands – from design to marketing.

3dexcite Live 1

Visual Point Of Sale (POS) Configurators
Personalized Configuration has long been close to 3DEXCITE’s heart, and we were in customization heaven, over how it was shown at 3DEXCITE Live! In the image above, you can see a gorgeous Cadillac coupe (on right) and a large transparent touchscreen display (on left). The touchscreen acts as a heads up display (HUD) for the experience, and allows guests to easily configure the car to their liking. The coupe on the right is actually a a blank mold, and is being projected onto via overhead projectors, allowing colors and styles to be changed on the fly (with fun animations to boot!) as users interact with the experience.

3dexcite Live 2

Visual Immersive Experience
If you can imagine having a virtual, interactive world at your fingertips, then you’ve grasped the concept behind the Visual Immersive Experience. In lieu of the creation of physical prototypes to test the validity of products in real-world circumstances, designers can test virtual prototypes to view and interact with them in much the same way as they would with their manufactured prototypes.

Also, with the dynamism and flexibility of a virtual environment, the Visual Immersive Experience is a dynamically fluid virtual environment, allowing one physical location to become nearly any virtual training ground. Visual training can be used to bring employees up-to-date on complex maintenance and manufacturing processes that would otherwise be time consuming and logistically challenging to roll out on a large scale.

3dexcite Live 3

Sorry, we can’t help a little trip back to Stanely Kowalski-ville from Streetcar whenever we hear the name of our next gen renderer: STELLAR. Simply put, STELLAR (renderings seen above) is the technology that is destined to unify rendering across 3DEXCITE BUNKSPEED, 3DEXCITE DELTAGEN and other software in the Dassault Systèmes porfolio. With the advantage of delivering highly accurate results that are consistent across applications, STELLAR is poised to revolutionize and simplify the rendering workflow.

3dexcite Live 5Visual Material Digitalization & Management
3DEXCITE has introduced SMARTSCAN, a groundbreaking scanning technology that captures lifelike information, such as depth, light reflection and transparency from the materials it scans. This unique technology scans 75% faster than traditional methods, thus enabling the quick and efficient visualization of many different products and their variations. Case in point: this technology would be just as at home in any retail chain or footwear company’s workflow, that has to market many clothing articles every season.

While we have already hazarded sending our kind readers (AKA you) into content overload, we will take a break from the info-tainment for a moment, so that you still have time to do all the great work you’ve gotta do! Thanks for being a loyal reader and 3DEXCITE BUNKSPEED follower!

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