SWW 2015


There are 3 things we can count on in life: We are born, we die, and we have SOLIDWORKS World (taxes should maybe fit in there somewhere too).

Every year, the best and the brightest in the SOLIDWORKS user community gather together to glory in the latest 3D Design and Technology like giddy school children scampering at recess. And boy, do they know how to scamper.

We jumped into the fray, and were pleased to be an integral part of our parent company’s (Dassault Systèmes) booth, in the Partner Pavilion. Strategically located between our sister brands SIMULIA (advanced simulation) and SPATIAL (3D Software Components for engineering apps), 3DEXCITE BUNKSPEED showed how we lend visual credibility to engineering data.

Let’s face it. In this day and age, math and bare-bone models don’t do the trick. Everyone has to start there, but you wouldn’t pay to see Spider-Man, swinging around the streets of NYC, without the requisite photoreal visual flair. Neither would you want to present a design to a colleague, peer or stakeholder, without a high level of realism, that lets viewers experience your ideas in their full, vibrant intention.

As you know, this is where BUNKSPEED comes into play. At #SWW15 (cause we love hashtags!) we showed SOLIDWORKS enthusiasts how to make their designs beautiful, and maybe add a little somethin’ extra. We demonstrated the ease at which files are imported and made visually compelling for presentation and marketing purposes. We also showed how Augmented Reality (with our trusty McLaren AR App), can revitalize everything from sales pitches or design reviews, to positioning in the retail space.

David Randle, our General Manager, gave 2 talks at SOLIDWORKS World, detailing how to make BUNKSPEED a proverbial “camera” for SOLIDWORKS designs. If you didn’t get to attend, David would be happy to take a brisk walk around the block and tell you all the facts personally, cause he’s cool like that (note: he might not be cool like that). The gist of his talks was: if you want to show the world how your ideas could look in real life, even at the earliest stages of the design process, then call on BUNKSPEED.

The days of the show were chock full of meeting eager conference-goers, resellers and other industry professionals, who wanted to learn more about what 3D Visualization is really all about. We also gave hands-on software demos, both in our booth, and in at Dell’s, to show how we deliver on our FAST, EASY and FUN commitment.

As we finished out the show on Feb 11, we had the feeling that we came to the right place. We empower designers, engineers and marketing professionals with powerful 3D Visualization tools to make their ideas stand out with the visual advantage that they need. And we intend to keep pushing the boundaries.

Let’s make this Visualization Revolution a thing of beauty, that brings daring designs to the forefront of the world’s attention. And then we can continue to scamper. Cause we think it’s in our DNA.


Speak up and share your work with us on: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and the BUNKSPEED Forum.





We Like To Move It, Move It (Offices, That Is!)

Pasadena Move Move 2015


When you finish the first chapter of a spellbinding thriller, you can savor the moment when you realize that you have many more chapters to look forward to.

This was our outlook as we boxed up our workstations, pencils, and various other gadgetry from our old office at 751 N. Fair Oaks Ave in Pasadena, CA, and jetted over to 70 South Lake Avenue in Pasadena, CA. We haven’t moved far, but the view sure has changed!

What we left behind was the old: stuff we don’t need anymore. We are now leaner (but not meaner), and more focused than ever on the journey ahead.

We look forward to the opportunities afforded by our new space: more meeting rooms (high five for more collaboration), a fresh interior (with some very green paint), and local eateries that just might start knowing us all by name. What’s more: we can’t wait to continue to serve up the best in 3D Visualization and Marketing Experiences. The Fast, Easy, Fun mantra is as present in our minds as it ever was. We may even put it to music. But maybe that waits until 2016.

OUR MISSION: We are here to continue to help you make your designs, products and marketing efforts visually compelling, vibrant and meaningful. As we advance on 2015 with a cool, Eastwood-esque stealy gaze, we bellow, from the very bottom of our digital, render-hungry hearts, a collective, “HUZZAH (cause we feel comfortable enough around each other to do things like that when we get all excited about OUR MISSION)”!

We are beyond thrilled to have our software in your design/marketing toolbox, and we thank you so greatly for sharing all of your great work, feedback and stellar ideas with us! Please keep reaching out to us and sharing about the great work you are doing, whether by Facebook, InstagramTwitterLinkedIn or our Forum. We look forward to continuing to serve your visualization needs, breaking new ground and maybe even trying that spicy Thai dish we’ve been afraid of for so long. Keep a look out. 2015 means business.


For a bit of fun, we especially like Jason Bourne’s Rule 12: “Opportunities will present themselves. Recognize them, act on them.”
(from Twist’s Tales: