2015 is Here. It Might Get Loud.




We’re all friends here, right? Ok, good. Then we’ll open up our hibiscus tea-infused minds and spill the beans on what’s in store for 2015.

First off – HAPPY NEW YEAR. We are plain floored as we watch time fly by, and continue to crank out the Fast. Easy. Fun., so you can spend more time being what you are at heart – warm-blooded, creative, futurists – and less time bothering with technical blah, blah that really only adjusts your viewport’s aspect ratio. You get the picture. We value the time we have with those we love. So this means we are hugging more. It’s a little weird at first.

CES 2015 – The Consumer Electronics Show. What can we say, but, WOW. From Jan 6 – 9, 2015, we hit Las Vegas like a ton of bricks (but, you know, softer), and and wove the fabric of the consumer electronics industry into the very marrow of our Vitamin D enriched bones. We had fun, we shared some killer demos and technology, and we did more of the above-mentioned hugging. It’s still kind of weird.

Here’s the scoop: @ booth #72722, in the Sands Expo Center, we joined with scores of other technology-driven groups to trumpet some of our best and brightest offerings and innovations. Case in point – our partnership with Christie Digital, Ventuz, and 3DEXCITE’s DELTAGEN software yielded a visually stunning Corvette C7 Stingray configurator in Christie’s Interactive Design Studio – a killer app for any design-driven organization. Picture it as an innovative way to configure your new car in an automotive dealership scenario. Or, use make use of its immersive display and touch screen technology for high-level design reviews. Users are able to quickly and easily simulate real-world scenarios and switch between vehicle design and engineering characteristics (via projection mapping on a 1/5 scale 3D printed Stingray), all before even laying eyes on a physical prototype. The sky is the limit, and this Interactive Design Studio is so very, very pretty.

We also brought iPads aplenty to demonstrate our McLaren P1, 650s and Your Product Here Augmented Reality Apps. Both McLaren apps (P1 and 650s), provide car enthusiasts and white knuckled commuters with the opportunity to interact with a McLaren without the famed automobile ever actually being in the room. It is almost too cool.

With the 650s, you can configure the car of your dreams – switching paint colors, interior trim and even the wheels and brake calipers – all from the comfort of your iPad. You can also take a picture of your driveway with your iPad, and place your personally customized AR McLaren in the picture, to give yourself some idea of what life might be like someday. Download the free app on iTunes, or Google Play.

The McLaren P1 is the original McLaren AR app. Tap to raise and lower the interactive spoiler, drag the slider to simulate airflow around the vehicle and watch your jaw drop as you interact with technical touch points to learn all about the P1’s many powerful features. The P1 app also is a free download on the iTunes or Google Play stores.

The Your Product Here (YPH) AR app is designed to lend brands, retailers and designers a hand in making their products shine. Maybe you are a retailer with little shelf space, and you wish to highlight your latest offerings without overcrowding your store shelves. With YPH, you can display a nearly infinite array of AR product via a single iPad. Our app features lifestyle, fashion, aerospace and luxury experiences, all aimed at showing you how AR can literally augment a diverse range of industries. YPH is a free download on the iTunes store.

To sum up about CES – it’s as if the show took our breath away, and then asked us to remain underwater for another 5 minutes. Sometimes she can be cruel, but the leading electronics show, with over 170,000 attendees, still showed us enough love that we can’t wait for 2016.

Now that we’re getting back to business as usual, our narrowed eyes and furrowed brows are aimed straight at Solidworks World (Feb 8 – 11 in Arizona). More AR and 3DEXCITE BUNKSPEED goodness will be there, so stay tuned for updates on all the action!

That’s enough about us. What’s in store for you in 2015? New glasses? Finally trying the ‘hawk / ‘stache combo? Spontaneous swing dancing in public? Either way, we think you’re fantastic just the way you are. And we don’t mind if you take a rain check on the hug. We’re pretty cool about it.

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Wishing you a stellar start to the new year.

All the best.