Car Classic & Cars of Character – Passion in Action


We we hope this crazy mix of text and images finds you well! We are doing just fine, thank you, and have been busy spreading the Fast, Easy, Fun BUNKSPEED message to all who will listen. Last week, we were honored to sponsor, along with 3DEXCITE, 2 incredible events in the Los Angeles area. They were: Cars of Characters with AutoDesignO @ Warner Bros. Studios, and Art Center’s Car Classic 2014 in Pasadena.

Both events exceeded our expectations, in terms of caliber of talent that was rallied to enhance and uplift the automotive discussion, and in creating an atmosphere of heightened creativity, leaving us thrilled and excited to be a part of it.

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First Up – AutoDesignO’s Cars of Character:
When we heard that AutoDesignO would be hosting their high-profile Design Panel Forum at Warner Bros. Studios, we immediately saw the value of mixing automotive design wizardry with WB’s movie magic. As you may have read previouslyChris Chapman, Chief Designer of Hyundai’s Design Center in Irvine, Frank Saucedo, Director of Advanced Design at GM Design, and Derek Jenkins, Director of Design at Mazda, North America and Marc Girard and Global Director Automotive Design at BMW, set an absolutely brilliant tone for this latest forum. Eric Noble, of CARLAB, moderated the event with both wit and grace, and it was hard to not geek out a bit as the designers divulged some juicy behind-the-scenes design wisdom.

Needless to say, we came prepared. We brought high-tech Augmented Reality (AR) demos to showcase elegant and beautiful marketing and presentation solutions, as well as an advanced 3DEXCITE Corvette Configurator, that blended the ease-of-use of an iPad, with gorgeous high-end visuals The end result was a delightfully interactive experience, as we helped guests, each in turn, configure their Stingray dream car. Also turning heads, was our co-production with Honda, Real Impact, as we demonstrated how this software facilitates highly accurate, photorealistic simulations of automotive collision events for educational and engineering advancement.

The evening was over all too soon, but we savored every moment of our ongoing and palpable connection with the automotive community. 

Next Stop – Art Center’s Car Classic 2014:
Art Center is one of the world’s great design schools, so it’s no small wonder that their yearly car shows befit their international distinction.

This year’s theme was also tied to film (entitled “Street to Screen”), and packed movie cars from the likes of the Batman franchise (2 1990’s batmobiles, and the 1966 batmobile), Steve McQueen’s Porsche from Le Mans, a Fast and Furious franchise modified Honda s2000, and the unforgettable Scooby Doo Mystery Machine.

3DEXCITE and BUNKSPEED added a special twist to the car show experience by creating a Virtual Movie Car Show in our software, which allowed guests to place digital, photorealistic movie cars in still images (also known as backplates) of the Car Classic environs that we took early in the morning. We also brought a large AR marker that was capable of displaying a near-lifesize McLaren P1 and 650s, via a free iPad app, further showcasing the value of our cutting edge technology experiences within the automotive industry. The Corvette Configurator experience and Real Impact application also made a triumphant return at this event, we just didn’t want to bore you with talk of how cool they are again (but, yes – they’re very, very cool).

At BUNKSPEED, our job is to provide solutions to bring design, sales and marketing to life in innovative and powerful ways. When we achieve this, whether it be for an individual designer that manages his or her own small business, or a large corporation, that juggles hundreds of projects, we are motivated to reach even greater heights within the 3D Visualization World.

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to provide you with the very best in rendering software and services.

Until we blog again, let’s finish up with a Steve McQueen quote straight out of LeMans:

“A lot of people go through life doing things badly. Racing’s important to men who do it well. When you’re racing, it… it’s life. Anything that happens before or after… is just waiting.”

Race on, friends!