The BUNKSPEED 2014 Still Image Contest Has Arrived!



The BUNKSPEED Team has been rolling out advanced 3D visualization tools to all corners of the globe, and would love to get a taste of what incredible imagery you are cooking up with it! Hence, the BUNKSPEED 2014 Still Image Contest is here!

This is your chance to show us what your creative minds are made of. A few lucky winners will receive licenses of BUNKSPEED SHOT, and be featured on our website and social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Mom’s Refrigerator, etc.)!

Images with that certain “je ne sais quoi” will also be featured in our 2014 BUNKSPEED Reel, which will be seen by great and powerful people (clients and other influential designers such as yourselves) around the world.

In addition, during the weeks leading up to the contest deadline, one outstanding submission will be showcased per week, via BUNKSPEED social media outlets, to give our community a taste of the great work that is being sent in. Please note that the weekly submission showcase does not guarantee a prize once the contest closes – doesn’t hurt your chances, either – but it does mean we will high-five you if we see you in public.

In case that isn’t enough to whet your photorealistic appetite, here are a few more juicy details:

1) Submit your raddest and baddest original still images and completed release forms (click here for a downloadable PDF release form) to for consideration from now until 11:59 pm PST on August 1, 2014. Multiple submissions per person are allowed.
2) All images must be rendered at standardized 4k (3840 x 2160). Images not at this resolution cannot be considered.
3) If your images require model credit, please specify this in your submission email (i.e. model credit: insert artist name here). BUNKSPEED is not liable for images that are entered into this contest without obtaining proper permission.

Grand Prize: 1 Permanent License of BUNKSPEED SHOT.
1st Prize: 1 year of BUNKSPEED SHOT.
2nd Prize: 1 year of BUNKSPEED SHOT.
Honorable Mention: 2 lucky designers will receive honorable mention on our website and social media.

All images and completed release forms must be received by by 11:59 pm PST on August 1, 2014 in order to be considered for this contest. Contest winners will be announced on August 8, 2014 via website, social media, and very loud talking in public.

Enough with the rules and regulations! We know you are artists at heart, so let’s see you flex your creative biceps (creative tricep flexing will also be accepted).

Render on, Friends!