Nike Lifts the Lid on Highly Dynamic Rendering Workflow at Nvidia GTC 2013

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Nike’s Russell McMurdie lifted the lid on the highly dynamic rendering workflow that Nike uses as part of its design / review process.

The presentation included a feast of photorealistic renderings, including the legendary Nike Air Force One shoe, that play an essential role in getting a product signed off for manufacture.

Nike’s design process starts with a sketch, which then evolves into a model using a number of 3D tools, including one that is specifically designed for modelling shoe uppers.

To create the visualisations the model is then taken into Maya via the OBJ format and automatically cleaned up using some custom scripts. Finally it is brought into Bunkspeed, where Nike’s custom materials are dropped on to create the stunning photorealistic renderings.

The Nike Flyknit Lunar 1+ rendered in Bunkspeed PRO by Russ McCurdie of Nike

According to McMurdie, custom materials for Bunkspeed are essential so visuals will accurately represent how the finished design will look. “Our material designers get a sample of the materials,” he said. “Depending on the material we’ll either go and photograph it or scan it and then take it into Photoshop. Then we have programs that export out all of the different maps we need and they’re all super, super light and fast and quick.”

For each unique design, stills and turntable animations can be rendered in seconds thanks to an in-house GPU render farm that boasts a whopping 24 Nvidia Tesla C0275 GPUs. This proves invaluable when last minute visuals are needed for meetings in order to get new designs and colourways signed off.

In addition to the speed benefits, McMurdie explained that using the GPU render farm frees up his local machine so he can continue to work at full speed.

Bunkspeed Adds Kia to its Growing Client List

On a cold Friday in February, Kia Motors American design studio, located in Irvine, CA, contacted Bunkspeed with an urgent request: create multiple exterior & interior photoreal marketing images of their newest concept for the Chicago Auto Show… less than four days!

The concept vehicle is the Kia Cross GT, which takes Kia’s design in a bold new direction that hints at the future of the brand’s premium aesthetic in a larger package.

After receiving the Alias data from the Kia designers, Bunkspeed’s Service’s team went right to work creating custom materials, textures, environments and backplates. In just four short days, Bunkspeed produced multiple exterior and interior images, regarded to be “extremely photorealistic”. If we had used other rendering software, the photoreal rendering efforts would have taken much longer to produce, with inferior quality, and would have caused us to miss the deadline…by miles.

The results were “Absolutely KILLER!” said Kia design manager Michael Castiglione. Bunkspeed was “a real pleasure to work with and will definitely use again for future projects.”

In just a few short days, Kia’s marketing group went from design to concept launch at the auto show with several stunning images promoting their newest concept. The Bunkspeed renderings created for the Kia Cross GT were enlarged to over thirty feet wide, then projected behind the concept vehicle live during the world debut presentation at the Chicago Auto Show.

This project with Kia clearly demonstrates Bunkspeed’s ability to easily and quickly increase brand consumer excitement and market share, all while shortening development cycles and increasing creative productivity.

“The team at Bunkspeed are very talented and flexible. They gave us the opportunity to make many tweaks to create the desired images in a VERY short time.” Thanks Bunkspeed!!!

-Michael Castiglione, Kia Design Manager

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