Bunkspeed Launches Publicly Accessible Cloud-Based Asset Sharing on the Bunkspeed Community Website

Hundreds of materials, environments, cameras, scene files, and more are available.

Bunkspeed, a leading developer of advanced yet simple to use 3D rendering and animation software, is proud to announce that the second phase of the online Bunkspeed Community share site is ready. With development of “Phase 2” complete, the Bunkspeed Community can now accommodate the public exchange of all common assets used in Bunkspeed software along with assets that can be used in any rendering software.

Bunkspeed Community members can share, rate, comment, and download assets such as Bunkspeed Materials (.bmf), Environments (.hdr, .exr), Bunkspeed Cameras (.bcf), Textures, and Bunkspeed Interactive Files (.bif).

“In just the first couple of days, there have been nearly 100 new materials uploaded to the site, bringing the total material count to nearly 500,” says Philip Lunn, CEO of Bunkspeed. “We expect rapid growth as our users experience all the great new content available for download.”

All of Bunkspeed’s rendering and animation products are “live linked” to cloud stored assets uploaded to the Bunkspeed Community. The community can also be accessed directly from the web by/through/via a link on Bunkspeed’s home page. Once logged in, the user can browse and drag the assets from Bunkspeed’s online library directly onto a model or scene – a very simple process.

The Bunkspeed Community share site is a way for us to give back to our community of users and allow some of the great talent using our tools to share their materials and more.”