Bunkspeed Releases 2012.3 – Many new features plus all new automatic updates

We’re excited to release 2012.3 version of Bunkspeed SHOT, MOVE, PRO and DRIVE. This release has many new features, improvements and fixes. Wev’e especially focused on adding more file formats to the import pipeline, and improving that process significantly. There are also many small improvements in overall performance and stability plus an all new automatic update system which will mean more frequent, and easier deployment of updates. This is an update definitely worth having.  We expect an overall better first experience, and a system that will ensure you have the most solid release all the time. If you’re new to Bunkspeed, the download process is now just a single click and the software will download, install and launch ready to go. We’re keenly focused on making the 3D rendering process faster and, the best user experience possible, so please keep bringing your suggestions through posts to our forum here:  http://forum.bunkspeed.com/forum.php.

Here’s a list of what’s new and additional improvements:


  • Support for Solidworks 2012.
  • Support for Maya 2012 (Maya must be installed and licensed).
  • Support for Autodesk Inventor 2012 (Free Inventor Viewer must be installed and run once).
  • Support for DWG/DXF formats.
  • Support for SolidEdge ST3 (Use colors in SolidEdge to control part grouping).
  • Cameras are now imported from Solidworks, Rhino, Sketchup, etc. (When possible).
  • Clown pass re-implemented to be less memory intensive and faster.
  • Queue automatically launches when a job is sent to it (Tools > Options > Queue).
  • Ability to Hide decals.
  • Ability to refresh textures, so when updated, you no longer have to rename/re-import them.
  • Queue plays movies when an animation is completed and the job is selected.
  • Rotation animations can now be combined with keyframe animations.
  • Transition from DirectX 9.0c to DirectX 11 for raster mode to improve support, speed, quality etc.


  • Boost now communicates and initializes renders correctly.
  • Imported models now default to auto-size on which scales, orients (as best as possible) and places the imported model on the ground automatically.
  • Normals on pretesselated import formats now import correctly.
  • Auto-paint for Solidworks and Rhino files fixed.
  • Reworked the Queue Start/Stop functionality to be more understandable.
  • When the Queue is stopped, the job in progress is now paused.
  • Pivot manipulator is now disabled on any Models/Groups/Parts with animation as to not cause unpredictable results when pivots are moved after an animation is created.
  • Emissive intensity now goes to “0” (black) and can be animated brightening from black.
  • Normals are now restored after a part split.
  • Queue thumbnails are now completed, regardless of the size/complexity of the job.
  • Dash has been removed from our desktop applications. The Boost and Queue services now live in Tools > Options > Boost/Queue respectively.
  • Merging of .bif files causing some geometry to go missing is now resolved.
  • Timeline occasionally “going missing” is now resolved.
  • Computer names are now shown in the Boost Console.
  • Inline (not background) renders correctly calculates the number of passes specified.
  • The render dialog now remembers when PowerBoost has been selected.
  • Distortion on circular surfaces imported via .wire is solved.
  • Possible miscalculated transforms on .wire data is solved.
  • Hiding a model/part with an emissive material on it, no longer “leaks” light.
  • Faded objects remain faded when background rendered.
  • Import of .bcf files into a session no longer causes a crash upon save.
  • Various UI tweaks/optimizations.
  • Various minor bug fixes.