Say Hello to our 1000th Community Member!

Congratulations to David Tonkinson, who recently became Bunkspeed’s 1000th community member! To celebrate, we gave him a free copy of Bunkspeed Move. We are also rapidly approaching 2000 members, so keep spreading the word about our new site and maybe you too can be awarded free Bunkspeed software!

David Tonkinson Profile PictureDavid is a UK-based Industrial Designer with a passion for creating user-centered products with strong aesthetic identities and unique personalities. He graduated in 2008 from Bournemouth University’s School of Design, Engineering and Computing on the south coast of England after studying BA (Hons) Industrial Design. His university thesis project, the “Capsule Caravan”, went on to generate a great deal of attention, both in the UK and internationally, and was widely published in newspapers, magazines and design-centered blogs. Images of the design are on permanent collection at Germany’s Erwin Hymer Museum, a museum dedicated to the history and design of caravans.

David has worked as a freelancer and as a design consultant at product design consultancy Haughton Design in Staffordshire. While working for Haughton Design, he had the opportunity to work on projects across a variety of industries, including consumer medical, industrial, agricultural, and street furniture. David has used Bunkspeed’s products to help in creating realistic and striking imagery to demonstrate design concepts, create product marketing material,¬†and to sell ideas to clients, investors, and manufacturers.

Here are a few examples of his work:

David Tonkinson Example Image 1David Tonkinson Example Image 2Example 4Congratulations David! We can’t wait to see what you create with Move.