Bunkspeed & RTT Partnership Produces DeltaPix

As a result of the partnership formed in 2010 between Bunkspeed and RTT, DeltaPix has been born. Based on the Bunkspeed Shot technology, DeltaPix is a new branch of the Delta family.  With its seamless integration with DeltaGen, DeltaPix provides the ease of use found in Shot and finds itself fitting into the pipeline very nicely. Give the recent press release below a read.

RTT DeltaPix 1.0 – Professional Image Production Made Easy

MUNICH, Oct. 24, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — RTT introduced its new RTT DeltaPix 1.0 software which is an uncomplicated tool that simplifies the creation of professional images based on 3D data. The technology works with CAD/CAS and 3D data as well as with ready-made scenes from RTT DeltaGen. In just a few steps, realistic images and animations, accurate in every detail, can be generated for any application in design and engineering. Integration in RTT DeltaGen environments as well as the possibility to import JT/PLMXML data promotes streamlined access to PDM and PLM systems and a flexible, efficient workflow.

High-quality product images have become irreplaceable in both internal and external communication.  Designers, engineers, marketing departments and agencies generally need specialists to produce this vital material. With RTT DeltaPix’s ease of use, producing professional product images and animations based on 3D data has become highly efficient child’s play.

Company-wide usage for optimal processing

RTT DeltaPix supports many file formats. Besides CAD/CAS data and 3D formats, RTT DeltaGen models can be imported seamlessly and processed further. Thanks to the import of JT/PLMXML data and the complete integration in RTT DeltaGen environments, the software blends perfectly in the process landscape – this increases efficiency and reduces both costs and output time.

Rapid, flexible image creation for higher productivity

Image generation with RTT DeltaPix is very easily configured through the extremely user-friendly range of functions that can be understood with no prior 3D knowledge. Any user can produce professional-looking images and turntables in almost no time. Important factors such as design, materiality, lighting, shadows and reflection can be checked instantly while creating the image – thanks to realtime display. All work will match the given requirements precisely.

Highly realistic images for convincing presentations

Products are best represented in superior quality – the “look and feel” experience in particular is positively influenced by a realistic presentation. Convincing images for product comparison, design and engineering reviews and for a multitude of applications in marketing and sales promotion can now be rapidly created and made available with RTT DeltaPix. At this point, the efficiency and advantages benefit not only the design communication but, the whole product life cycle is optimally supported – from first concept to product launch.

Main advantages include:

  • Easy to learn – no 3D expertise required
  • Custom solution for image production
  • No data preparation required
  • Integration with the RTT software platform
  • Outstanding display quality
  • Realtime display of changes to scenes and materials
  • Recycling of RTT DeltaGen 3D content provided
  • JT/PLMXML data import
  • Complete compatibility with PDM and PLM systems with RTT DeltaGen
  • Import of numerous CAD/CAS and 3D data formats
  • Optimal use of the newest NVIDIA GPU technology for the best performance possible


You can find more information and access a downloadable trial version of RTT DeltaPix 1.0 on www.rtt.ag under Software.

About RTT

RTT provides creative, fascinating 3D visualization solutions highlighting products realistically and enabling them to be experienced in realtime. The company assists customers throughout the entire life cycle of their products – from development, design and marketing to sales and distribution. The 3D data model from product development provides a working basis for all subsequent steps in the product life cycle, for example, creating rapid computer-generated, photorealistic product illustrations for marketing or a 3D online product configuration for the website. In so doing, RTT not only speeds up its customers’ decision-making and development processes, but also opens up new avenues for them in sales and marketing. The company was founded in 1999 and has its head office in Munich. RTT has about 500 employees and 14 offices across the world. Well-known companies across the globe rely on the quality provided by RTT. Examples are Adidas, Airbus, Audi, BASF, BMW, Daimler, Electrolux, Eurocopter, Ferrari, General Motors, Harley-Davidson, Miele, Nissan, Porsche, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, The North Face, Toyota and Volkswagen. RTT AG is a listed public limited company (Xetra: R1T; WKN: 701220; ISIN: DE0007012205). Further information is available at www.rtt.ag.

Commanding Artistry With Bunkspeed SHOT™

Commanding Artistry with Bunkspeed SHOT

Devon Works www.devonworks.com

Consumer Product Design

• Create marketing quality images for new luxury timepiece prior to development
• Shorten design process

Generated interest with retailers and media in parallel with product development

Systems At A Glance
• Bunkspeed SHOT™
• DS® SolidWorks®
• Lenovo® workstation equipped with NVIDIA® Quadro® FX 1700 graphics solution

“Without the mind-blowing renderings produced by Bunkspeed SHOT, this project wouldn’t have happened.” -Jason Wilbur, Graphic Designer

Reinvention Merges Art and Science
Designer Jason Wilbur redefined the idea of the watch and changed the game. His masterpiece came to be known as the Devon Tread 1, a luxury timepiece that immediately established leading-edge vision and commanded artistry when the concept was introduced to the public in April 2010.

Devon Tread 1 is a radical departure from the typical dial-and-needle design. Inspired by industrial conveyor belts and motorcycles, the watch’s movements center on a series of overlapping, interwoven belts encased in glass-reinforced nylon material that is typically used in avionics – it is bullet-proof, anti-reflective and can withstand temperatures ranging from negative 20°F to 150°F.

Photorealism Powers Ideas
As with most game changing ideas, the design invited many skeptics – claiming Wilbur was setting out to conquer the impossible. He realized sketches were not enough to entice engineers to manufacture his design, and convince financiers to fund his project.

He needed ultra-realistic images that would truly showcase the watch’s cutting-edge characteristics and emotional value.

“When you are describing a future concept, it is essential to have realistic images that back-up your vision,” said Wilbur. “The more realistic you can portray the form and details, the more people are going to buy into it.”

The design encompassed a lot of intricate details; everything was exposed. “When you have that kind of design, traditional rendering software won’t give you the realism and attention to details needed to communicate the emotional value,” said Wilbur.

Wilbur imported the models created in DS® Solidworks® into Bunkspeed SHOT™ 3D rendering software, which allowed him to create photorealistic representations of the Devon Tread 1 that truly communicated the intricate details.

Devon Watch on Scratched Metal Table“Bunkspeed SHOT allowed me to change subtleties and characteristics on the fly without compromising the quality of the image,” continued Wilbur. “It is so intuitive, I thought I was doing something wrong.”


Making the Impossible Happen
It is said that a luxury watch takes roughly three to five years to develop – Devon Tread 1 broke the mold and dramatically shorted this process. Within months, Wilbur was able to create photorealistic imagery for product development in parallel with marketing purposes to help generate interest.

The SHOT scenes provided the engineers with a realistic representation of the watch’s features and details, which minimized the number of alterations and mistakes that often take place through the design process. Utilizing SHOT’s unique camera and lighting features enabled Wilbur to precisely simulate a product photo shoot; which was the driving force for generating interest with retailers and the media.

“The rendered images looked so real, retailers kept asking for us to bring in the real watch. They didn’t understand that the watch didn’t exist,” said Wilbur. “Without the mind-blowing renderings produced by Bunkspeed SHOT, this project wouldn’t have happened. The watch looked so real you thought you could touch it!”

Rendered images Drive World Premiere
While the final product was not available in stores until November 2010, the concept was introduced to consumers in April 2010. In August 2010 Watch Journal, a monthly magazine devoted to the world of luxury watches, showcased the Devon Tread 1 on its cover in August 2010 – marking the first time the magazine used a rendered image for the cover.

About Bunkspeed SHOT
Bunkspeed SHOT is the world’s first hybrid 3D rendering application built around mental images® iray® ray-tracing engine. Featuring an “all digital camera” and a simplified interface, SHOT enables users to easily add materials and textures, global illuminations, apply various lighting environments and back plates with incredible accuracy. The result is a physically accurate, stunningly photorealistic image or turntable animation that can be used for marketing, business communication and design reviews in markets such as automotive design, architectural visualization, industrial engineering and consumer product design.

New UI Layout Capability in 2012.1 Enhances 3D Rendering Workflow

As part of our continual push for process improvement and enhancement, we have added some new UI layout capability that can dramatically improve workflow when using our new 2012 software.

From the introduction of our new generation software last year, the UI has been designed to be flexible, now it’s even more customizable.  Custom layouts that are remembered the next time you open the software are easily set up, potentially transforming the way you work and enabling you to find the right balance of usability.

In our 2011 version, the width of the vertical working panel would not be saved.  You could adjust it, but next time you opened it to start work, the panel reverted back.

Now those adjustments are saved.  By widening up the right hand panel, the working asset library is now in a vertical column next to the properties panel.  This makes it very easy to access your assets as you change modes from material to environment, to camera etc.

Standard UI Panel width

By selecting the right hand column margin, you can drag the width so that you can get two columns of materials vertically next to the properties panel.

Material Palette resized for vertical column of materials

The “state” of this panel is saved and now all your tabs will have a vertical column.

In the environments tab it is especially nice to have the vertical column as you can see HDR’s, backplates and lights in the scene all at once with an image representation of each.

Environment panel also displays a nice scene brower as a vertical column

Having this wide tools and assets column is also very useful when you open your library or accessing the cloud for Bunkspeed assets.  You can see many more materials or HDR’s all at once.

environment selection panel

Environment library now shows many choices for HDR lighting

Another way to use Bunkspeed SHOT, MOVE and PRO is to use it with the panel torn off. By clicking in the tab area, you can just “tear” off the panel by holding down the left mouse button and dragging.  This new panel layout will also be remembered when you close and reopen.  Including all the menus into a single window is the way our previous products HyperMove and HyperDrive worked but not HyperShot.  HyperShot users can have their menu layout just as before.   The space bar toggles the menu on and off just like HyperShot used to work.

Panel torn off into separate HyperShot like UI Layout

If you liked the way HyperShot worked, you can tear off your panel

If you are left handed and want the panel on the left, you can drag it off and re-dock it on the left too.  We are always looking for small enhancements that will improve workflow and usability so send your suggestions to info@bunkspeed.com.  Bunkspeed SHOT and MOVE 2012.1 are available for download and free trial at www.bunkspeed.com or if you’d like to request a trial of Bunkspeed PRO you can request that here:  http://www.bunkspeed.com/pro/demo/

Credits:  Model – Radial Engine by Mitrofan Dragos Vasile available for free download from Grabcad.com here: http://grabcad.com/library/radial-engine