New “Fast” Render Mode in Bunkspeed 2014 Accelerates Real-time Rendering

With the recent release of Bunkspeed 2014 Beta, and the inclusion of the latest release of Nvidia iray, a new render mode, “Fast” has been added to the two currently available render modes: “raster” which is now called Preview, and “iray”, which is now called Accurate. The iray Fast render mode is fully optimized to take maximum advantage of the CUDA cores found on a single Nvidia gpu.  Where iray Accurate is a consistent renderer that continues to improve in quality over time, and offers the best in all rendering scenarios without settings, iray “Fast” is set to finish after 100 passes so you know when the render is done, and gets to a finished quality in seconds. For product and car rendering scenarios for example, the new fast mode is fantastic.

The Corvette images below all completed in about 10 seconds at HD 1920×1080 on a single graphics card. Accurate render mode is linearly scalable with additional GPU’s, whereas the Fast render mode does not benefit from multiple GPU’s, it works well on one graphic card to provide fantastic interactive performance and final rendered images in seconds. The new Fast render mode is:

  • Perfectly suited for rendering car exteriors, industrial designer products, architectural exteriors
  • Fast on single graphic card. A Fermi or Kepler card, Quadro or GeForce will provide great performance with HD renders in seconds.
  • Biased renderer that finishes to completion after 100 passes.

The Corvette image on our homepage was rendered to 58 megapixels in just three and half minutes on a single gpu.

If you are interested in getting the beta release be sure to go to the Bunkspeed Community, and go to the members only section of the Forum to sign up. If you’d like to see the replay of last weeks webinar on the 2014 release click here:

At Bunkspeed, we’re very excited about the pending full release of the new fast render mode and the many exciting new features to be found Bunkspeed 2014.

Image Credits: 2014 Corvette model provided by Turbosquid created by Squir and Rendered by Bunkspeed



Feature-Packed 2012.5 Release Brings Even More Advanced Professional Features to Bunkspeed Users

Bunkspeed, the leading developer of advanced 3D rendering, animation, and lighting technology, is proud to announce the release of Bunkspeed 2012.5. This release brings exciting new features and significant updates to all of Bunkspeed’s products, including additional file format support.

Bunkspeed continues to innovate while listening closely to customer requests. This release brings significant professional-level features and major enhancements. An enhanced toolset is at the core of this release with further time saving innovation, resulting in faster rendering, a more solid user friendly interface, and features to make 3D rendering and animation even faster and more fluid.

Key new features in Bunkspeed 2012.5 include:

True metallic flakes. The metallic paint shader now has the option to enable flakes. Density and angle can be adjusted to match even the most metallic of paint. Perfect for automotive rendering.

Metallic Flakes

True metallic flakes with density and angle adjustments

Round edges. This tool knocks the edge off a simple model to enhance realism and save time. The round edge tool makes quick sketch models look polished.

Round Edges

Round edge tool knocks the square edge of simple models for added realism

Ray traced motion blur. Camera and Part moves will be affected by shutter speed in your animations, enhancing realism and resulting in perfect motion blur. In the past, wheel motion blur had to be added post-render in Photoshop or After Effects. While a fast and easy way to add motion blur, proper reflections, distortions, and light behavior are lost when a simulated blur is made. With true camera and part motion blur, perfect results with proper highlights and reflections are easily achievable.

For this wheel example, a rotation animation is put on the wheel and the shutter speed is slowed. Motion blur of the wheel is previewed in real-time so you know exactly what you get. Lights can be adjusted simultaneously to get the hightlights you want.

Motion Blur

True motion blur from rotation animation on the wheel and extended shutter speed.

All new professional-level render passes to enhance the post production process and enable the artist to achieve new levels of creativity.

Depth Pass

Depth Pass enables depth of field to be adjusted after rendering


Ambient Occlusion Pass

Ambient Occlusion Pass

Roughness Pass

Roughness Pass

Object Pass

Object Pass - a mask to enable easy background changes in Photoshop

Other exciting new features include:

  • Image gamma correction in raster and ray trace.
  • Real-time ground shadow intensity slider – an art director’s dream available in both raster and ray trace. (PRO Suite and Drive Only)
  • Seamless, ray traced box mapping eliminating obvious seams.
  • Queue re-ordering, job editing and performance enhancements.
  • Updated plugins for Dassault Solidworks and Autodesk 3DSMax.
  • Per-part export to OBJ or FBX.
  • Procedural sun/sky models are much faster when rendering.
  • Improved render speeds.
  • Follow and Aim-Follow for Models, Cameras and Lights, allowing for greater animation control.
  • UI improvements.
2012.5 is a significant release and adds major functionality and enhancements to the entire Bunkspeed product line. Product updates are available to everyone on Bunkspeed maintenance.

You can view the full feature list here in the release notes.

Bunkspeed 2012.5 and updated plugins are available for immediate download and purchase in the Bunkspeed Shop. The 2012.5 release is an automatic update offering significant performance and feature improvements over 2012.4.

All New Tutorials Section Added to Bunkspeed Community

Today we have added 15 short tutorials to the community area of our website at Each tutorial focuses on a specific funtionality to help you get great results quickly and are between 2 minutes and 10 minutes long. Just go ahead and register to get to the tutorials and access to the community asset library, the forum, and webinar posts too.

Tutorial Videos

The first set of tutorials include:

  1. Setting Preferences
  2. Interface Overview
  3. Models Overview
  4. Importing Models
  5. Materials and Textures
  6. Basics of Materials
  7. Environments Overview
  8. Environments HDRI Lighting
  9. Cameras Overview
  10. Camera Basics
  11. Library Overview
  12. Animation Overview
  13. The Animation Ribbon
  14. Rendering Overview
We are planning many more tutorials soon. If you have any suggested topics for tutorials please post to the forum.

NVIDIA Maximus and Bunkspeed Technology Helps Drive the Silver Arrow Mercedes-Benz Concept Car for the LA Auto Show Design Challenge

Reposted from Nvidia:

Car design is like a heady combination of art, high fashion, and engineering, requiring extreme degrees of creativity and aesthetic sensibility. Creative aesthetics are even more refined in the rarified world of concept car design, which explores the future form and function of automotive transport. Each year at the LA Auto Show in Los Angeles, design studios are invited to compete in a Design Challenge to create entire story lines based on and featuring extreme car designs.

For several years, the Advanced Design Center California, the North American research and development division of Mercedes-Benz, has competed in the LA Auto Show Design Challenge. This year, the Mercedes California studio added to its technology tools the NVIDIA® Maximus™ platform, transforming the studio’s workflow from a tedious, serial process to a parallel processing environment enabling multitasking with even the most compute-intensive steps.

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Bunkspeed Launches All New 2012 Product Line

With the recent introduction of Bunkspeed PRO™ 2012, we have combined the best of our previous Bunkspeed SHOT PRO™ and Bunkspeed MOVE PRO™ into a single integrated system featuring the NVIDIA® iray® 2 raytrace engine, a full keyframe animation system, and cloud based asset library, simplifying the 3D rendering and animation process, and shattering the barrier to create “Hollywood” quality content along with many new features and enhancements:

  • Up to 2x Performance increase – Lots of performance enhancements.  Iray 2 is faster, we’ve tuned the interface to be more snappy.
  • Integrated raster and raytracing using iray 2 – Just as we were first to release SHOT in 2011 with Nvidia iray V1, we are the first to release our 2012 products featuring iray V2. V2 has many cool new features under the hood that will be exposed in upcoming releases. But for now, we get better performance, and of course more stability.
  • Multiple Render Passes with Check Box Selection – Available in PRO, the render passes options give you seven images rendered for use in Photoshop to enhance or mask an image. Passes are very useful and can easily justify the upgrade to PRO.
  • Color picker and favorite colors panel – This is a really cool tool that allows you to color pick from both inside AND outstide the application. You can pick a color off any web page or your desktop and have it show up dynamically in your ray traced image.
  • More animation capability added to MOVE and PRO – Pretty much anything can be animated in MOVE and PRO now. Lights, cameras, materials, parts, models, camera properties like depth of field. Very sophisticated animation can be made with relative ease.
  • Traditional spot, point and directional lights – All these can be animated in MOVE and PRO too.
  • Import .FBX animations – We’ve enhanced our .FBX importer to include animation (excluding bones), further enhancing our connection to Autodesk products.
  • “Digital Sticker” decal system – Finally the innovative decal system from our previous “Hyper” versions is available in all of our 2012 products. Easy to use you can place multiple “stickers” on a model and you can make it go on one surface, or over multiple surfaces, or you can even “detach” it from the surface to move it freely.
  • New blending mode switches automatically between full interactivity and final raytrace results. – Now you can work in “blend” mode which keeps the resource intensive ray tracing off while you work and move around, then when you stop the camera, ray tracing “fades” on to give you the final image. This is a great mode for those people working without the new Nvidia Fermi based graphics cards or in CPU mode.
  • Innovative animation ribbon giving 3D feedback to animation paths – The animation ribbon uses a color metaphor for speed.  Green fast, red slow etc, to show visually exactly what is happening in your animation and what the transitions are between key frames. This innovative tool really helps the beginner animator understand exactly what is happening in the scene.
  • Automatic .mp4 (MPEG-4), .flv (Flash Video), or .mkv (Matroska) Movie encoding – Available in MOVE and PRO. Just tick the rendering option box to compile your frames into a viewable movie. Of course you have the option to keep individual frames or just the movie or both. We have even included the professional level compression of Matroska .mkv
  • Configurations – Another PRO feature that works in much the same way as layers in Photosh0p that you can turn hide and show. You can copy and paste between configurations and even have different models within different configurations.  Configuration allow designers to have multiple complete scenes set up and scroll through them with a click and even “render all configurations”. This is a fantastic and very useful new feature.  Request a license of PRO to try these features out.
  • Cloud connected library and rendering capabilities – We’ve connected all of our products to the cloud to for a couple of reasons:  We’ve reduced the size of the trial download to less than 100 MB and now that we’re net connected, we are regularly adding new content that can be download directly into your scene.  Right now there is a 3D model of a ’69 Camaro that you can download for free. Cloud connection is the start of a direction for Bunkspeed so stay tuned!
  • New import options such as ACIS and SAT – We’re always enhancing our import pipeline to allow you to connect to more data formats.
  • Revamped split tool. – After importing a model, you can extract a piece out of the mesh with some built in intelligence.  You select an area you want to extract then “grow” the selection until the desired part is highlighted, then “extract” that piece to a new part in the parts tree.
  • Interface Layout Enhancements – Interface arrangement is now saved when you close any of our products. Also, you can now widen up the right hand window to show all your materials, hdrs, cameras etc into a vertical column with the properties to the right of that column. This is a very fast and easy way to access your assets.  A great improvement to workflow.
  • SHOT 2012 starts at $495
  • MOVE 2012 starts at $995
  • PRO Suite 2012 starts at $3,495 (Includes all the functionality of SHOT and MOVE plus many more professional level features)  
  • All available now.  Download trials from the Bunkspeed home page
Contact for more information and upgrade pricing.

Bunkspeed & RTT Partnership Produces DeltaPix

As a result of the partnership formed in 2010 between Bunkspeed and RTT, DeltaPix has been born. Based on the Bunkspeed Shot technology, DeltaPix is a new branch of the Delta family.  With its seamless integration with DeltaGen, DeltaPix provides the ease of use found in Shot and finds itself fitting into the pipeline very nicely. Give the recent press release below a read.

RTT DeltaPix 1.0 – Professional Image Production Made Easy

MUNICH, Oct. 24, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — RTT introduced its new RTT DeltaPix 1.0 software which is an uncomplicated tool that simplifies the creation of professional images based on 3D data. The technology works with CAD/CAS and 3D data as well as with ready-made scenes from RTT DeltaGen. In just a few steps, realistic images and animations, accurate in every detail, can be generated for any application in design and engineering. Integration in RTT DeltaGen environments as well as the possibility to import JT/PLMXML data promotes streamlined access to PDM and PLM systems and a flexible, efficient workflow.

High-quality product images have become irreplaceable in both internal and external communication.  Designers, engineers, marketing departments and agencies generally need specialists to produce this vital material. With RTT DeltaPix’s ease of use, producing professional product images and animations based on 3D data has become highly efficient child’s play.

Company-wide usage for optimal processing

RTT DeltaPix supports many file formats. Besides CAD/CAS data and 3D formats, RTT DeltaGen models can be imported seamlessly and processed further. Thanks to the import of JT/PLMXML data and the complete integration in RTT DeltaGen environments, the software blends perfectly in the process landscape – this increases efficiency and reduces both costs and output time.

Rapid, flexible image creation for higher productivity

Image generation with RTT DeltaPix is very easily configured through the extremely user-friendly range of functions that can be understood with no prior 3D knowledge. Any user can produce professional-looking images and turntables in almost no time. Important factors such as design, materiality, lighting, shadows and reflection can be checked instantly while creating the image – thanks to realtime display. All work will match the given requirements precisely.

Highly realistic images for convincing presentations

Products are best represented in superior quality – the “look and feel” experience in particular is positively influenced by a realistic presentation. Convincing images for product comparison, design and engineering reviews and for a multitude of applications in marketing and sales promotion can now be rapidly created and made available with RTT DeltaPix. At this point, the efficiency and advantages benefit not only the design communication but, the whole product life cycle is optimally supported – from first concept to product launch.

Main advantages include:

  • Easy to learn – no 3D expertise required
  • Custom solution for image production
  • No data preparation required
  • Integration with the RTT software platform
  • Outstanding display quality
  • Realtime display of changes to scenes and materials
  • Recycling of RTT DeltaGen 3D content provided
  • JT/PLMXML data import
  • Complete compatibility with PDM and PLM systems with RTT DeltaGen
  • Import of numerous CAD/CAS and 3D data formats
  • Optimal use of the newest NVIDIA GPU technology for the best performance possible


You can find more information and access a downloadable trial version of RTT DeltaPix 1.0 on under Software.

About RTT

RTT provides creative, fascinating 3D visualization solutions highlighting products realistically and enabling them to be experienced in realtime. The company assists customers throughout the entire life cycle of their products – from development, design and marketing to sales and distribution. The 3D data model from product development provides a working basis for all subsequent steps in the product life cycle, for example, creating rapid computer-generated, photorealistic product illustrations for marketing or a 3D online product configuration for the website. In so doing, RTT not only speeds up its customers’ decision-making and development processes, but also opens up new avenues for them in sales and marketing. The company was founded in 1999 and has its head office in Munich. RTT has about 500 employees and 14 offices across the world. Well-known companies across the globe rely on the quality provided by RTT. Examples are Adidas, Airbus, Audi, BASF, BMW, Daimler, Electrolux, Eurocopter, Ferrari, General Motors, Harley-Davidson, Miele, Nissan, Porsche, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, The North Face, Toyota and Volkswagen. RTT AG is a listed public limited company (Xetra: R1T; WKN: 701220; ISIN: DE0007012205). Further information is available at

Commanding Artistry With Bunkspeed SHOT™

Commanding Artistry with Bunkspeed SHOT

Devon Works

Consumer Product Design

• Create marketing quality images for new luxury timepiece prior to development
• Shorten design process

Generated interest with retailers and media in parallel with product development

Systems At A Glance
• Bunkspeed SHOT™
• DS® SolidWorks®
• Lenovo® workstation equipped with NVIDIA® Quadro® FX 1700 graphics solution

“Without the mind-blowing renderings produced by Bunkspeed SHOT, this project wouldn’t have happened.” -Jason Wilbur, Graphic Designer

Reinvention Merges Art and Science
Designer Jason Wilbur redefined the idea of the watch and changed the game. His masterpiece came to be known as the Devon Tread 1, a luxury timepiece that immediately established leading-edge vision and commanded artistry when the concept was introduced to the public in April 2010.

Devon Tread 1 is a radical departure from the typical dial-and-needle design. Inspired by industrial conveyor belts and motorcycles, the watch’s movements center on a series of overlapping, interwoven belts encased in glass-reinforced nylon material that is typically used in avionics – it is bullet-proof, anti-reflective and can withstand temperatures ranging from negative 20°F to 150°F.

Photorealism Powers Ideas
As with most game changing ideas, the design invited many skeptics – claiming Wilbur was setting out to conquer the impossible. He realized sketches were not enough to entice engineers to manufacture his design, and convince financiers to fund his project.

He needed ultra-realistic images that would truly showcase the watch’s cutting-edge characteristics and emotional value.

“When you are describing a future concept, it is essential to have realistic images that back-up your vision,” said Wilbur. “The more realistic you can portray the form and details, the more people are going to buy into it.”

The design encompassed a lot of intricate details; everything was exposed. “When you have that kind of design, traditional rendering software won’t give you the realism and attention to details needed to communicate the emotional value,” said Wilbur.

Wilbur imported the models created in DS® Solidworks® into Bunkspeed SHOT™ 3D rendering software, which allowed him to create photorealistic representations of the Devon Tread 1 that truly communicated the intricate details.

Devon Watch on Scratched Metal Table“Bunkspeed SHOT allowed me to change subtleties and characteristics on the fly without compromising the quality of the image,” continued Wilbur. “It is so intuitive, I thought I was doing something wrong.”


Making the Impossible Happen
It is said that a luxury watch takes roughly three to five years to develop – Devon Tread 1 broke the mold and dramatically shorted this process. Within months, Wilbur was able to create photorealistic imagery for product development in parallel with marketing purposes to help generate interest.

The SHOT scenes provided the engineers with a realistic representation of the watch’s features and details, which minimized the number of alterations and mistakes that often take place through the design process. Utilizing SHOT’s unique camera and lighting features enabled Wilbur to precisely simulate a product photo shoot; which was the driving force for generating interest with retailers and the media.

“The rendered images looked so real, retailers kept asking for us to bring in the real watch. They didn’t understand that the watch didn’t exist,” said Wilbur. “Without the mind-blowing renderings produced by Bunkspeed SHOT, this project wouldn’t have happened. The watch looked so real you thought you could touch it!”

Rendered images Drive World Premiere
While the final product was not available in stores until November 2010, the concept was introduced to consumers in April 2010. In August 2010 Watch Journal, a monthly magazine devoted to the world of luxury watches, showcased the Devon Tread 1 on its cover in August 2010 – marking the first time the magazine used a rendered image for the cover.

About Bunkspeed SHOT
Bunkspeed SHOT is the world’s first hybrid 3D rendering application built around mental images® iray® ray-tracing engine. Featuring an “all digital camera” and a simplified interface, SHOT enables users to easily add materials and textures, global illuminations, apply various lighting environments and back plates with incredible accuracy. The result is a physically accurate, stunningly photorealistic image or turntable animation that can be used for marketing, business communication and design reviews in markets such as automotive design, architectural visualization, industrial engineering and consumer product design.

Rendering on Someone Else’s Server Farms

Just a few corridors away from the main stage at SolidWorks World this year, Bunkspeed, which develops and markets the rendering software SHOT, got ready to showcase its new offering called Bunkspeed Cloud. Available from within SHOT Pro, the feature lets you upload your 3D scene into a remote server, the proverbial cloud.

“Now, anybody can view it from anywhere, as long as they have an Internet connection and the password,” wrote Leon Carpenter, Bunkspeed Ambassador (yes, that’s his title), at “This would allow for remote management reviews or allow sales teams to show products live and interactive on their iPads. I can even imagine that someday, soon, all 3D content on the web will be live and interactive.”

Bunkspeed Cloud runs in an NVIDIA GPU-powered cloud environment, sitting on mental images’ RealityServer platform. Because the lion’s share of computing takes place on a remote server, users accessing and interacting with the web-published 3D scene do not need to be on a powerful machine.

The full article is here: