2015 is Here. It Might Get Loud.




We’re all friends here, right? Ok, good. Then we’ll open up our hibiscus tea-infused minds and spill the beans on what’s in store for 2015.

First off – HAPPY NEW YEAR. We are plain floored as we watch time fly by, and continue to crank out the Fast. Easy. Fun., so you can spend more time being what you are at heart – warm-blooded, creative, futurists – and less time bothering with technical blah, blah that really only adjusts your viewport’s aspect ratio. You get the picture. We value the time we have with those we love. So this means we are hugging more. It’s a little weird at first.

CES 2015 – The Consumer Electronics Show. What can we say, but, WOW. From Jan 6 – 9, 2015, we hit Las Vegas like a ton of bricks (but, you know, softer), and and wove the fabric of the consumer electronics industry into the very marrow of our Vitamin D enriched bones. We had fun, we shared some killer demos and technology, and we did more of the above-mentioned hugging. It’s still kind of weird.

Here’s the scoop: @ booth #72722, in the Sands Expo Center, we joined with scores of other technology-driven groups to trumpet some of our best and brightest offerings and innovations. Case in point – our partnership with Christie Digital, Ventuz, and 3DEXCITE’s DELTAGEN software yielded a visually stunning Corvette C7 Stingray configurator in Christie’s Interactive Design Studio – a killer app for any design-driven organization. Picture it as an innovative way to configure your new car in an automotive dealership scenario. Or, use make use of its immersive display and touch screen technology for high-level design reviews. Users are able to quickly and easily simulate real-world scenarios and switch between vehicle design and engineering characteristics (via projection mapping on a 1/5 scale 3D printed Stingray), all before even laying eyes on a physical prototype. The sky is the limit, and this Interactive Design Studio is so very, very pretty.

We also brought iPads aplenty to demonstrate our McLaren P1, 650s and Your Product Here Augmented Reality Apps. Both McLaren apps (P1 and 650s), provide car enthusiasts and white knuckled commuters with the opportunity to interact with a McLaren without the famed automobile ever actually being in the room. It is almost too cool.

With the 650s, you can configure the car of your dreams – switching paint colors, interior trim and even the wheels and brake calipers – all from the comfort of your iPad. You can also take a picture of your driveway with your iPad, and place your personally customized AR McLaren in the picture, to give yourself some idea of what life might be like someday. Download the free app on iTunes, or Google Play.

The McLaren P1 is the original McLaren AR app. Tap to raise and lower the interactive spoiler, drag the slider to simulate airflow around the vehicle and watch your jaw drop as you interact with technical touch points to learn all about the P1’s many powerful features. The P1 app also is a free download on the iTunes or Google Play stores.

The Your Product Here (YPH) AR app is designed to lend brands, retailers and designers a hand in making their products shine. Maybe you are a retailer with little shelf space, and you wish to highlight your latest offerings without overcrowding your store shelves. With YPH, you can display a nearly infinite array of AR product via a single iPad. Our app features lifestyle, fashion, aerospace and luxury experiences, all aimed at showing you how AR can literally augment a diverse range of industries. YPH is a free download on the iTunes store.

To sum up about CES – it’s as if the show took our breath away, and then asked us to remain underwater for another 5 minutes. Sometimes she can be cruel, but the leading electronics show, with over 170,000 attendees, still showed us enough love that we can’t wait for 2016.

Now that we’re getting back to business as usual, our narrowed eyes and furrowed brows are aimed straight at Solidworks World (Feb 8 – 11 in Arizona). More AR and 3DEXCITE BUNKSPEED goodness will be there, so stay tuned for updates on all the action!

That’s enough about us. What’s in store for you in 2015? New glasses? Finally trying the ‘hawk / ‘stache combo? Spontaneous swing dancing in public? Either way, we think you’re fantastic just the way you are. And we don’t mind if you take a rain check on the hug. We’re pretty cool about it.

Join the 3D Visualization conversation on FB. Can’t wait to see you there!

Wishing you a stellar start to the new year.

All the best.


Winner Announced! BUNKSPEED Holiday Still Image Contest

Lonely SnowmanThanks to all the BUNKSPEED rockstars who submitted imagery for our Holiday Still Image Contest, and who consistently flood our FB page, forum and email with your great work! We could not have a thriving visualization community without you, and we salute the meticulous efforts, with which you craft your designs and imagery.

Peter Hildebrandt is one such BUNKSPEED user who consistently wows us with the innovative ways he finds to make use of our software. His Lonely Snowman image really caught our eye, and made our judges give do a little happy dance while unanimously voting that he is the winner, and recipient of a signed copy of Daniel Simon’s Timeless Racer!

So many thanks to those of you who entered! Keep showing us the great work you are doing, and stay happy, healthy and full of warmth this holiday!

Looking forward to greatness in 2015.


BUNKSPEED Holiday Image Contest – Keep the Kids Happy!

Bunkspeed_EntriesDear BUNKSPEEDers,

Our mission is to bring you the highest quality visualization solutions possible. Period. With the holiday season in full swing, we would love to see your talents in action!

Here comes: The BUNKSPEED Digital Holiday Card Contest

What: We want to see your most spirited holiday images, rendered in BUNKSPEED
Image Specs: 1920 x 1080
When: From Now until 12/16/14
Send Rendered Images to: contest@bunkspeed.com. Be sure to fill out and return our jolly little image release form with your image,  for maximum holiday cheer!
Why: For a chance to win a signed, hardcover copy of Daniel Simon’s EPIC Timeless Racer: Episode 1 book. Click the link to see his book in all its glory: http://bit.ly/1Dj9goY
Winners: Will be announced on FB, Twitter, the BUNKSPEED blog, and shouted from the rooftops on a crisp holiday evening.

Have yourself a merry little MERRY.


Car Classic & Cars of Character – Passion in Action


We we hope this crazy mix of text and images finds you well! We are doing just fine, thank you, and have been busy spreading the Fast, Easy, Fun BUNKSPEED message to all who will listen. Last week, we were honored to sponsor, along with 3DEXCITE, 2 incredible events in the Los Angeles area. They were: Cars of Characters with AutoDesignO @ Warner Bros. Studios, and Art Center’s Car Classic 2014 in Pasadena.

Both events exceeded our expectations, in terms of caliber of talent that was rallied to enhance and uplift the automotive discussion, and in creating an atmosphere of heightened creativity, leaving us thrilled and excited to be a part of it.

Check out our Social Media coverage of both events on our FB page: http://on.fb.me/1oyTzOL. Feel free to leave us a comment to make your voice heard as well!

First Up – AutoDesignO’s Cars of Character:
When we heard that AutoDesignO would be hosting their high-profile Design Panel Forum at Warner Bros. Studios, we immediately saw the value of mixing automotive design wizardry with WB’s movie magic. As you may have read previouslyChris Chapman, Chief Designer of Hyundai’s Design Center in Irvine, Frank Saucedo, Director of Advanced Design at GM Design, and Derek Jenkins, Director of Design at Mazda, North America and Marc Girard and Global Director Automotive Design at BMW, set an absolutely brilliant tone for this latest forum. Eric Noble, of CARLAB, moderated the event with both wit and grace, and it was hard to not geek out a bit as the designers divulged some juicy behind-the-scenes design wisdom.

Needless to say, we came prepared. We brought high-tech Augmented Reality (AR) demos to showcase elegant and beautiful marketing and presentation solutions, as well as an advanced 3DEXCITE Corvette Configurator, that blended the ease-of-use of an iPad, with gorgeous high-end visuals The end result was a delightfully interactive experience, as we helped guests, each in turn, configure their Stingray dream car. Also turning heads, was our co-production with Honda, Real Impact, as we demonstrated how this software facilitates highly accurate, photorealistic simulations of automotive collision events for educational and engineering advancement.

The evening was over all too soon, but we savored every moment of our ongoing and palpable connection with the automotive community. 

Next Stop – Art Center’s Car Classic 2014:
Art Center is one of the world’s great design schools, so it’s no small wonder that their yearly car shows befit their international distinction.

This year’s theme was also tied to film (entitled “Street to Screen”), and packed movie cars from the likes of the Batman franchise (2 1990’s batmobiles, and the 1966 batmobile), Steve McQueen’s Porsche from Le Mans, a Fast and Furious franchise modified Honda s2000, and the unforgettable Scooby Doo Mystery Machine.

3DEXCITE and BUNKSPEED added a special twist to the car show experience by creating a Virtual Movie Car Show in our software, which allowed guests to place digital, photorealistic movie cars in still images (also known as backplates) of the Car Classic environs that we took early in the morning. We also brought a large AR marker that was capable of displaying a near-lifesize McLaren P1 and 650s, via a free iPad app, further showcasing the value of our cutting edge technology experiences within the automotive industry. The Corvette Configurator experience and Real Impact application also made a triumphant return at this event, we just didn’t want to bore you with talk of how cool they are again (but, yes – they’re very, very cool).

At BUNKSPEED, our job is to provide solutions to bring design, sales and marketing to life in innovative and powerful ways. When we achieve this, whether it be for an individual designer that manages his or her own small business, or a large corporation, that juggles hundreds of projects, we are motivated to reach even greater heights within the 3D Visualization World.

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to provide you with the very best in rendering software and services.

Until we blog again, let’s finish up with a Steve McQueen quote straight out of LeMans:

“A lot of people go through life doing things badly. Racing’s important to men who do it well. When you’re racing, it… it’s life. Anything that happens before or after… is just waiting.”

Race on, friends!



Oct and Nov 2014 Events – Can’t Get Enough

Oct Event Blog ImageDear BUNKSPEEDers,

This isn’t just any old Monday. This is the last Monday of Sept 2014, and it’s the last time the world will get a chance to catch its breath before the BUNKSPEED event machine kicks into high gear!

Let’s dive right in:

Oct 21 (TUESDAY): Cars of Character at Warner Brothers Studios. 3DEXCITE and BUNKSPEED are acting as Presenting Sponsor for AutoDesignO’s “Cars of Character” event. To give a bit of history, AutoDesignO (http://autodesigno.com/) puts on Automotive-focused Design Panel Forms for the Motor Press Guild (the largest automotive media association in North America – http://www.motorpressguild.org/about). These events have been previously held at the Petersen Automotive Museum (http://www.petersen.org/), over the last few years, but this year, they’re doing things a little differently. They’re upping the stakes by not only having this year’s Design Panel at Warner Brothers, but also by hosting some of the hottest automotive designers walking the face of this green (and blue-ish) earth: Chris Chapman, Chief Designer of Hyundai’s Design Center in Irvine, Frank Saucedo, Director of Advanced Design at GM Design, and Derek Jenkins, Director of Design at Mazda, North America.

3DEXCITE and BUNKSPEED will be hosting the event, giving media attendees an indepth look at how our products and services benefit the automotive industry’s engineering, design and marketing efforts. We’ll share pics, impressions and tall tales from the event here and on social media (Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1oyTzOL). Keep your eyes peeled, friends! But seriously. Take a nap if you need to. We don’t want a bunch of you catching narcolepsy at inconvenient times (narcolepsy is contagious, right?).

Oct 26 (SUNDAY): 3DEXCITE and BUNKSPEED invade Art Center’s campus in Pasadena for Car Classic 2014 (http://www2.artcenter.edu/carclassic/)! The likes of Daniel Simon (http://danielsimon.com/) and Syd Mead (http://www.sydmead.com/v/12/) will be speaking on a panel entitled “Street to Screen”, which dissects, in a likable way, the ongoing love affair between film and car culture.

3DEXCITE and BUNKSPEED are sponsoring this event, and will be giving cutting-edge demos of our Automotive and Lifestyle software solutions and services. We’ll be packing realtime demos aplenty, folks! If you will be in the Pasadena, CA area on the 26th, come see how your products (cars or otherwise) could be displayed in a virtual showroom via Augmented Reality (AR), or how our crash simulation co-production with Honda (entitled REAL IMPACT – http://lat.ms/1BxdOBS) can lead to safer and more refined cars.

Check us OUT so we can check you IN to our bright and sunny world of 3D Visualization!

Nov 5 (WEDNESDAY): BUNKSPEED presents a Car Design News webinar, hosted alongside heavyweights within NVIDIA and Daniel Simon himself! We will be presenting the Holy Grail of Rendering: the NVIDIA Visual Computing Appliance (VCA) + BUNKSPEED. We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves, so be sure to stay tuned to our social media – Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1oyTzOL, Twitter: http://bit.ly/1stdnr5 and blog http://bit.ly/1zOmsx2 – for more!

Until next time – stay well-dressed and saavy.


The Bunkspeed Brain Trust, Vol. 1.1




BUNKSPEEDERS UNITE! All 2014.5 Versions are here!
(or there…depending on your whereabouts in Time and Space)

The wait is over, Friends! SHOT™, PRO™ and ZOOM™ have all been updated with a plethora (yes, we are using that word) of new features and improvements, making our 2014.5 versions our hottest releases yet. Think all-out Presentation Mode in ZOOM™. Think rasterization that allows objects to reflect in other objects. Think…ok, don’t think. Upgrade now to get in on all the action!

Check out ZOOM Purchase Information

Green Line

3…2…1…ZOOM™ Launch
Zoom_icon_RGBZOOM™ has launched, and is toting a bag of tricks like you’ve never seen before. Present your designs to key decision makers, clients or your besties easily and beautifully, using ZOOM™’s full-featured Presentation Mode. Compare multiple product configurations simultaneously, while opening up to 4 gorgeous viewports, for more productive design reviews. Simply put: ZOOM™ doesn’t quit until the job is done, and minds are blown. Click Purchase Information below to request information about how you can start using ZOOM™ today!

Check out ZOOMPurchase Information

Green Linebanner_siggraph

Siggraph – With More “Sig” and “Graph” Than Ever Before!

Siggraph 2014, held in Vancouver B.C., was the best Siggraph yet. It showcased some of the most advanced displays of new computer graphics technology, and we were right in the middle of it!

David Randle, BUNKSPEED’s General Manager, presented Bunkspeed ZOOM™ on the lightning-quick NVIDIA® Visual Computing Appliance (VCA) at the NVIDIA booth (booth #1201). Click below to view the full presentation!

Watch the Presentation

Green LineJGeoghegan_Buick_Top_View_sm

The Chosen Ones: Winners of the 2014 Still Image Contest

(Above: The Grand Prize Winning Image by John Geoghegan)
Your response to our 2014 Still Image Contest call for submissions has been nothing short of heroic! BUNKSPEEDERS have rallied to send many wonderful images our way, and we are pleased to announce the following winners:

Grand prize: John Geoghegan for his Buick Riviera rendering (shown above). He walks away with a permanent license of SHOT™. Great work, John!
1st prize: Peter Hildebrandt for his Perfume Flacon rendering. He wins 1 year of BUNKSPEED SHOT™. Absolutely superb, Peter!
Honorable Mention: Once again, John Geoghegan wowed us with a beautiful rendering of some Knappogue Castle whiskey on the rocks!

All winning images are proudly displayed on our social media, blog (links below) and any other digital space we can get our hands on.

Huge thanks to everyone who submitted imagery. Ya’ll are heroes to us!

Black Linesm_blog footer_sm02_tw footer_sm01_fb sm_linkedin

Black Line


Announcing: The Winners of the 2014 Still Image Contest!


Every now and again an event, social interaction, or a straight-up situation crosses your path and changes your life FOREVER.

Such an occasion has come about, thanks to your submissions to our 2014 Still Image Contest! Many incredible, non-edible images were submitted, and the BUNKSPEED judges have emerged from their sequestered state, to declare the following winners:

Grand Prize: John Geoghegan for his Buick Top View Image. He walks away with a sweet, permanent license of BUNKSPEED SHOT. Model Credit: Turbosquid
1st Prize: Peter Hildebrandt for his Perfume Flacon Image. He makes off like a bandit with a 1 year license of BUNKSPEED SHOT.
Honorable Mention: John Geoghegan is at it again, with his  Knappogue Castle Whiskey Image. Send extra applause his way! Model Credit: John Geoghegan

Thanks to everyone who submitted imagery for our contest! You gave us a reason to gasp, cheer and even tear up a little bit with your incredible work!

Stay über creative, friends! And keep in touch by sharing your latest Visualization Victories right here in our blog, forum, or via our Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages!

BUNKSPEEDers don’t shake hands. BUNKSPEEDers gotta HUG.



2014.5 Version Release Notes

The 2014.5 Versions for 3DEXCITE BUNKSPEED SHOT, BUNKSPEED PRO and BUNKSPEED ZOOM are here! Please see below for all the techie-talk you can handle (and maybe just a bit more).


2014.5 is an optional but recommended update and is included for all 2014 products.


New Features:

  • Presentation mode (Ctrl + M) – Launches a true fullscreen mode and stretches the camera aspect ration and viewport size to fit the primary monitor (BUNKSPEED ZOOM).
  • Presentation Toolbar – A new and fully customizable toolbar which appears in Presentation mode, and allows users to tailor the utilities present for crafting amazing realtime presentations (BUNKSPEED ZOOM).
  • New realtime setting for Preview Mode (rasterization) that allows objects to reflect in other objects (replaces the need for Props as exposed in HyperDrive). (BUNKSPEED ZOOM).
  • Expanded maximum supported texture size to leverage all available memory on modern GPUs. This results in uncompressed textures and HDRI environments, providing you have appropriate hardware resources.
  • Raised the maximum supported texture size for rasterization to 16k x 16k.
  • Ability to disable the preview during material drag/drop in Tools > Options.
  • Rebuilt the 3DConnexion integration to be much more robust and provide expected behavior.
  • Added the option to switch between Camera and World modes for 3DConnexion navigation modes.
  • Adds support for Bunkspeed-specific 3DConnexion spacemouse driver settings.
  • New render mode icons help distinguish between modes more clearly, and create uniformly among the Toolbar options.


  • Improvements and updates to the main Toolbar to improve usability and consistency.
  • Status indicators (Camera Locked, Animation Playback, Supersampling Enabled and Physics Enabled) are now displayed in the HUD for consistency and the ability to minimize.
  • Improved usability and stability of multiple viewports.
  • Improved FBX import (stability, memory consumption, UV mapping).
  • Improved 3DXML import, specifically for files organized by material.
  • Fixed a bug where material assignments and configurations were not being stored and saved properly.
  • Introduced a modified versioning scheme.
  • Many additional bugs and stability concerns were addressed in this update.
Thanks for being a part of the 3DEXCITE BUNKSPEED Community!

The BUNKSPEED 2014 Still Image Contest Has Arrived!



The BUNKSPEED Team has been rolling out advanced 3D visualization tools to all corners of the globe, and would love to get a taste of what incredible imagery you are cooking up with it! Hence, the BUNKSPEED 2014 Still Image Contest is here!

This is your chance to show us what your creative minds are made of. A few lucky winners will receive licenses of BUNKSPEED SHOT, and be featured on our website and social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Mom’s Refrigerator, etc.)!

Images with that certain “je ne sais quoi” will also be featured in our 2014 BUNKSPEED Reel, which will be seen by great and powerful people (clients and other influential designers such as yourselves) around the world.

In addition, during the weeks leading up to the contest deadline, one outstanding submission will be showcased per week, via BUNKSPEED social media outlets, to give our community a taste of the great work that is being sent in. Please note that the weekly submission showcase does not guarantee a prize once the contest closes – doesn’t hurt your chances, either – but it does mean we will high-five you if we see you in public.

In case that isn’t enough to whet your photorealistic appetite, here are a few more juicy details:

1) Submit your raddest and baddest original still images and completed release forms (click here for a downloadable PDF release form) to contest@bunkspeed.com for consideration from now until 11:59 pm PST on August 1, 2014. Multiple submissions per person are allowed.
2) All images must be rendered at standardized 4k (3840 x 2160). Images not at this resolution cannot be considered.
3) If your images require model credit, please specify this in your submission email (i.e. model credit: insert artist name here). BUNKSPEED is not liable for images that are entered into this contest without obtaining proper permission.

Grand Prize: 1 Permanent License of BUNKSPEED SHOT.
1st Prize: 1 year of BUNKSPEED SHOT.
2nd Prize: 1 year of BUNKSPEED SHOT.
Honorable Mention: 2 lucky designers will receive honorable mention on our website and social media.

All images and completed release forms must be received by contest@bunkspeed.com by 11:59 pm PST on August 1, 2014 in order to be considered for this contest. Contest winners will be announced on August 8, 2014 via website, social media, and very loud talking in public.

Enough with the rules and regulations! We know you are artists at heart, so let’s see you flex your creative biceps (creative tricep flexing will also be accepted).

Render on, Friends!





A lot of things happen every day: We get up. We feed ourselves. We maybe exercise. We work. We sleep. Repeat.

It’s easy to drop into a monotonous routine and become so focused on what’s right in front of us, that we forget to have the ever mysterious and elusive…FUN.

Let’s try something new, shall we? Let’s break the mold and see what we can accomplish if we think and work differently. Let’s try the Tao of BUNKSPEED.

FAST. EASY. FUN. That’s the Tao of BUNKSPEED. It’s the battle cry of creativity, waiting to be unleashed upon the world. It’s not scared, it’s not playing it safe, it’s not listening to the status quo. It’s taking chances and opening up new horizons. It’s focused on giving you the 3D Visualization Tools you need, and letting you take full control of them in minutes.

With BUNKSPEED SHOT, PRO, DRIVE and ZOOM (coming soon!), you can afford to take chances. You can mix colors and materials in ways you never thought possible. You can set your product in one of BUNKSPEED’s dynamic and photoreal HDR backgrounds, and watch the light sources play coquettishly with your product’s curves. Why not try setting up a camera to capture an angle you’ve never tried before? Innovation doesn’t follow the norm, so why should you?

In the end, it’s about the work you do and how you do it. When there is a choice between following the well-worn path that’s been taken by millions, or the unique and exciting path that you discover for yourself, then the choice is clear. Dare to be bold. Dare to create. Dare to live the Tao of BUNKSPEED.